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Saturday, March 26, 2016

Construction Equipment and Performance of Komatsu

The building and road construction industry is one of the most prominent and successful when we talk about the overall share and participate. Most of the industries are interrelated and with the increase of market share of one of both the industries, the related industry also flourishes. The construction equipment industry is the same as it directly related to construction of roads, buildings and other infrastructure.
There are numerous companies in the world which provide the heavy machinery and they are providing great support to the construction companies through latest technological machines which will make lives easier on all the people related to this industry. Komatsu is one of the largest companies which provide construction equipment to the market. Komatsu is an old company and has been working in the market since 1921. It is the second largest company in the world and provides construction, off-road, mining and utility equipment. 
As described before, Komatsu is an established company and one of the biggest suppliers of construction equipment to the market, it is also important to know that it is being the company of a large share of earnings from the market. When we talk about the profits of the company in 2014-15, the first half of the financial year gave 5.5 percent more than the previous year in the same period.
Other results also gave the encouragement to the management of Komatsu as earned around $600 million in the same period and sales also increased up to 6.5%. It is a Tokyo based organization and its products are now being used in the whole world for getting support in the construction. The company has a large sales department and it has developed a chain of distributors in the whole world which are responsible for Komatsu equipment for sale. All the equipment is supplied according to the demand and manufacturing process of this equipment performs as per the requirement.
It is also important to mention that Komatsu is not only a good supplier of construction equipment; it is also one of the largest in mining equipment as the supplies of mining increased up to 12.7 percent in the first nine months of the fiscal year of 2014-15. The company has the estimated increase in the sales of about 12.7 percent only in North America and they achieved 6% increment in operating income while the annual profit decreased 1.6 percent.
The commitment and excellence give an edge to the company and if you are performing according to the requirement and even beyond, you can achieve your business objectives and goals well before the time. Komatsu is an organization which has achieved this position by performing well in Komatsu equipment sales, which are now second largest performance after caterpillar.
If you want to purchase equipment which has a huge market value and you have a planned maintenance agreement, you should go for Komatsu Equipment. Komatsu Equipment is available for sale in your region also for providing you the opportunity to run the machinery in the top position all the time.

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Choose the Best—Choose Komatsu Equipment for Sale

Yes, we absolutely believe that buying a Komatsu equipment for sale means you are choosing the best for your company. Komatsu Limited, a Japanese heavy equipment manufacturer is listed as one of the largest producers of construction, mining, and military equipment, and other industrial equipment including laser machines, presses and thermoelectric generators. In 2011, it ranked second in terms of sales according to the Yellow Table survey of international sales. Komatsu has been holding the position for more than a decade now. (The Yellow Table surveys, organized by the KHL Group (the world's top supplier of international construction information), are rankings of the world's top 50 heavy equipment manufacturers.) 

It is one of the leaders in research and innovation in its industry. In 2008 it became the first to introduce the world's first hybrid hydraulic excavator. It also received the first “zero emission” designation among Japan's construction equipment manufacturing facilities in 2001. Indeed each Komatsu equipment is a mark of reliability, quality and very high standards.
Komatsu Limited was originally called Komatsu Iron Works prior to being spun off by its parent company, the Takeuchi Mining Industry, in 1921. Komatsu means “little pine tree”—quite ironic since the company has not stopped growing since it got too big for Takeuchi. As mentioned above, it is the second-largest in terms of manufacturing and sales in the heavy equipment industry.
Although carrying over a hundred lines of construction equipment, Komatsu is better-known for its compact excavators, backhoe loaders, bulldozers and skid steer loaders. It currently holds the record for having the biggest bulldozer model in the world, the D575.

Whether you go for a brand new or a second-hand unit, we are pretty sure you will not regret having bought a Komatsu equipment for sale. To catch an even better deal, we suggest that you visit a couple of auction sites. They can offer you a lot of choices at great prices. Make sure you pick the more reputable ones to be safe.

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

High-Quality, Low-Cost Komatsu Equipment for Sale

We at Global Truck and Machine offer to you our newest batch of Komatsu equipment for sale at our auctions. We are a leading on line trader of heavy equipment, commercial trucks and trailers. It is our mission to make the import-export and trade of equipment fast, easy and free from unnecessary hassles. We have partnered with several logistics companies to make transportation (local and international) of equipment purchased through/from us smoother. Our website is a one-stop venue for equipment shopping, where members can purchase, pay and arrange for delivery in just a few clicks. Please subscribe through our website under any of our membership options to be able to start buying from our inventory or auctioning off your equipment. Komatsu equipment continue to rank as some of our top sellers. Please view the product description and photos posted on our website for more information.

Komatsu currently ranks one of the highest in the world in the production of heavy equipment. A multiple-line company, their products include construction, mining, and military equipment, and industrial equipment like press machines, lasers and thermoelectric generators. It used to be part of the Takeuchi Mining Industry as a subsidiary, but soon outgrew the mother company and had to be run separately. Formerly called Komatsu Iron Works, one of its first line of products was an agricultural tractor prototype. It later on supplied bulldozers, tanks and other equipment to the Japanese military around 1930. After World War II, the company also started manufacturing forklifts and non-military bulldozers. They were committed to turn around other countries' negative view of Japanese products at that time, and they made every effort to continue to improve the quality of their products. They stayed the course until they were capable enough to tackle their biggest rival, Caterpillar Inc., head on in their home territory. This happened barely three decades after World War II in 1967. Today, they are most noted for their bulldozers—described as one of the world's best bulldozers in the world is the D50, while the largest bulldozer built to date is the Komatsu D575.
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