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Wednesday, October 3, 2012

High-Quality, Low-Cost Komatsu Equipment for Sale

We at Global Truck and Machine offer to you our newest batch of Komatsu equipment for sale at our auctions. We are a leading on line trader of heavy equipment, commercial trucks and trailers. It is our mission to make the import-export and trade of equipment fast, easy and free from unnecessary hassles. We have partnered with several logistics companies to make transportation (local and international) of equipment purchased through/from us smoother. Our website is a one-stop venue for equipment shopping, where members can purchase, pay and arrange for delivery in just a few clicks. Please subscribe through our website under any of our membership options to be able to start buying from our inventory or auctioning off your equipment. Komatsu equipment continue to rank as some of our top sellers. Please view the product description and photos posted on our website for more information.

Komatsu currently ranks one of the highest in the world in the production of heavy equipment. A multiple-line company, their products include construction, mining, and military equipment, and industrial equipment like press machines, lasers and thermoelectric generators. It used to be part of the Takeuchi Mining Industry as a subsidiary, but soon outgrew the mother company and had to be run separately. Formerly called Komatsu Iron Works, one of its first line of products was an agricultural tractor prototype. It later on supplied bulldozers, tanks and other equipment to the Japanese military around 1930. After World War II, the company also started manufacturing forklifts and non-military bulldozers. They were committed to turn around other countries' negative view of Japanese products at that time, and they made every effort to continue to improve the quality of their products. They stayed the course until they were capable enough to tackle their biggest rival, Caterpillar Inc., head on in their home territory. This happened barely three decades after World War II in 1967. Today, they are most noted for their bulldozers—described as one of the world's best bulldozers in the world is the D50, while the largest bulldozer built to date is the Komatsu D575.
Please view our product listings and find your Komatsu equipment there. In order to participate in our auctions, we encourage you to sign up as soon as possible. Each item has gone through thorough inspection, and is guaranteed to be in optimum working condition.
Komatsu equipment for sale at Globaltruckandmachine.com!


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